Environmental Law

Steven D. Sandven has a long history of representing Tribes and environmental groups in all areas of environmental law. We are regularly involved in preventing and solving problems for our clients in virtually all aspects of the environmental practice, including issues associated with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and Tribal Historic Preservation Act.  We have provided the complete range of land use and real estate services to property owners, developers, builders, government agencies and trade associations.  Our experience is vast and touches on every aspect of planning, zoning, subdivision and permitting for projects as well as any necessary real estate transactions.

  • Drafted documents for establishment of Pipestone monument as a cultural site pursuant to the National Historic Preservation Act
  • Represented Tribe on hunting and fishing jurisdiction over non-Indians
  • Represented Section 17 corporation managing Tribal lands for 5 years
  • Drafted opposition to Environmental Protection Agency proposal to transfer regulation of certain Tribal facilities to the State of South Dakota (nine South Dakota Tribes)
  • Drafted and negotiated MOU with FEMA on behalf of 20+ Great Plains Region Tribes.
  • Drafted position paper advocating Environmental Protection Agency to treat Indian Tribes as a States for granting purposes
  • Drafted MOU for U.S. Department of Justice Weed and Seed program in Indian country
  • Worked to establish the black footed ferret program in South Dakota
  • Worked with and against the federal Environmental Protection Agency on enumerated issues
  • Drafted ordinances for wildlife protection/hunting and fishing rights
  • Assisted clients in surviving environmental studies when mandated

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